Cabernet Sauvignon
Grape variety: Cabernet Sauvignon.

Growing method: pruned cane, turfing, limited organic fertilizing.

Production parameters: max. yield: 70 q/ha
Low bud load .
Low yield per trunk.
Processing method: long, meticulous, intense and consuming maceration .
Controlled temperature fermentation with native yeasts.
24 month aging in 50 brente (approx. 250 lt.) barrels.

Analytical parameters: Min. nat. alcohol content: 14%
Min. alcohol content (consumption): 14%
Acidity: 5 – 6‰
Net dry extract: 24 ‰

Organoleptic features: deep ruby red color; scents of violet, ripe fruit, licorice and vanilla; pervasive, harmonious taste, full-bodied with dense tannins and balanced dryness.

Aging prospects: long-term aging. This wine can wait for far-off occasions, up to 8-10 years.

Serving temperature: 18°.

Food pairing: ideally paired with 'important' meat dishes; to be shared with 'adequate' companions.
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