Our Philosophy
Wine and art have always been strongly linked by the passion and dedication they are both born of. The fox on our label is taken from a work by painter Maurizio Immovilli, whose pictorial language is rich in expressions that are blended with images from the natural world.

A graphically essential mosaic of purple, blue and red surrounds the fox in a series of chromatic interplays meant to make the garnet and ruby red hues of our wines even more intense. The stylized fox is here a symbol of unrestrained communication with nature, in a poetic, unreal world.

Thus, here the fox's head is upturned as if it were 'listening to the sound of silence' or a faraway echo - painted with same colors dreams are made of -, and there it is welcoming the sun rising over our vineyards, or also, as 'in a sweet, clear and windless night', it is just looking at the sky, towards a timeless dimension, in a fairy-tale like atmosphere. The clean, synthetic brush-strokes tell the tale of the bond between nature and environment, on the edge between fairy-tale and incantation. At that very moment, either of day or night, when the landscape seem to be lingering on the wonderful natural amphitheater created by the vineyards surrounding our estate. Maybe our fox is eager to be tamed, as in St. Exupéry's most famous tale, to be finally 'tied' to man so as to share with him the love he feels for 'the sound of the wind'.

By celebrating the fox's unique ability to climb up the steepest paths, while trailing a trace or a scent, a great dream is evoked, born of the historic roots of our land, moving along emotion-filled paths to eventually reach the most extraordinary goals.

There is a chromatic and symbolic correspondence in the image of the fox meant to recall the beauty of nature, the toughest routes, the hardest struggles that have lead to the intriguing challenge of taming our tough grapevines, with the only aim to create top-quality wines that only real nature lovers, dreamers and poets can fully appreciate.

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