Grape variety: Croatina 100%

Growing method: pruned cane, vertical training, turfing, organic fertilizing.

Production parameters: max. yield: 80 q/ha
Early Trimming.
Processing method: long maceration - immersed-cap maceration is also possible - during which skins are carefully monitored.
Controlled temperature fermentation with native yeasts from the vineyard.
Min. 24 month aging in 50 brente (approx. 250 lt.) oak barrels.

Analytical parameters: Min. nat. alcohol content: 13%
Min. alcohol content (consumption): 13.5%
Acidity: 5.5 ‰
Net dry extract: 28 ‰

Organoleptic features: deep ruby red color; pervasive, complex scent of ripe fruit, black cherries and spices that fades into a balsamic note.
Solidly structured, full, mouth-filling taste.

Aging prospects: very long-term aging. Time is a paramount element to increase the fineness and complexity of this wine. Do not hurry and respectfully uncork the bottle on a proper occasion.

Serving temperature: 18°.

Food pairing: ideal to be paired with demanding, yet not 'ostentatious' dishes, to be tasted on special, intense occasions, and shared with 'strong', yet not coarse, friends.
Also ideal to be enjoyed alone, without any food pairing.
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